Help me pick which route to make next!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone's been enjoying Sho's route, and don't forget to fill out the poll linked in the last devlog if you'd like to tell me your thoughts on it.

First: Saucy Suitors has now been downloaded 1,000 times!!! What a milestone!! Here's to 1,000 more by the end of the year?

Second: I've made a poll to help me decide which route to work on next, now that Sho's is finished! I’ll probably choose the order of the remaining four myself, so if there’s one condimen whose route you really want to do asap, now’s the time to vote for them. Please pick up to 2 condimen only!

Click here to vote!

Thank you as always to everyone for playing and supporting my humble little project!! ^_^

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...I have a soft spot for red-ish and orange-ish hair. So... a peek of route for Huey or Hunter, please? (Relax, I already voted for them :'D )