February Devlog - Delay 💦

Hello, lonely sauciers! So I'll cut right to the chase: As you can guess from the title, Sho's route has been delayed until after NaNoRenO (so, basically, April). While the route is almost completely finished, there are still a few backgrounds and CGs that aren't done yet, and some of my beta testers haven't got back to me yet on feedback.

I asked my followers on Tumblr and Twitter about whether they'd prefer the route to launch on-time with some placeholder assets, and have an update add the finished assets later, or whether they'd prefer its release get delayed so I can 100% finish it. The option to delay OVERWHELMINGLY won. (I'm talking, like, 90% vs. 10%.)

So... I'm hoping that everyone who follows the game on itch.io feels the same way and won't mind the delay. It's regrettable, but I don't want to let down all the people who have encouraged and supported me since last year, either. ToT

If you're interested in seeing what I'm planning on making for NaNo this year, you can keep an eye on the jam page or follow me on Twitter at @oddlazdo. Thank you again, and next time, Sho's route is DEFINITELY coming! (seriously, I promise!! sob)

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