Demo Version 1.1 now available!

Hello to you, my lonely sauciers! Odd Lazdo here with the final big update to the Saucy Suitors demo! First off, lemme be upfront: this update does not include Sho's route, which I've alluded to in past devlogs and Tumblr posts. That one is still on its way, but progressing nicely! Rather, this is the last major update to the demo - next next update will begin to add the post-prologue content and routes. This demo update is happening for one main reason: it adds things to the demo that really had to be added before I started adding routes into the game.

New additions to the demo include:

- The first 7 special CGs! I drew a lot of new art for the prologue portion of the game, and while I might add one or two more in future updates, I've finished most of the pre-route special CGs that I have planned!
- Side sprites for the main character! I got a LOT of feedback and messages on Tumblr asking for this feature - you guys really wanted to see the main character's face while she was talking to the other characters and experiencing everything that was going on. Her portrait now appears beside all of her dialogue!
- Points system! That's right - all of your choices actually tally up towards selecting one of the condimen before the end of the game. The demo still ends before any of the routes actually begin, but you can now see which condimen you'll get in the future get if you picked all the same choices. (And there's already a walkthrough here at the Saucy Suitors tumblr, if you're curious!)
- Several typo fixes, dialogue edits, and other small changes. You know, to uh... improve the overall experience, as Nintendo would put it!
- And while this isn't part of the demo update itself, you may notice that the page for the game itself is looking MUCH nicer now! This is thanks to my friend Cari (@ara_mia on Twitter), from whom I commissioned some fancy-shmancy CSS. Thanks so much for helping my little project make such a great impression for visitors, Cari!!

I know this may be a disappointing update for those hoping to see Sho's route be completed and released, and I apologize it's taking so long. But I want to get it out before NaNoRenO 2019, which is happening in March, at the absolute latest because I plan on participating again and that feels like a very doable (and logical) due date to impose on myself. Don't worry, development on Saucy Suitors will continue even after Sho's route is released and NaNo 2019 is over! (This year... I'm gonna make an actual complete game and not another huge project I'll be working on for years afterwards. ^^;)

Anyway, as always, thank you for reading and for playing, and for all your support. Don't forget to follow me over on Twitter or Tumblr for more frequent updates!


Saucy Suitors (demo ver. 1.1) - PC/Linux 104 MB
Dec 02, 2018
Saucy Suitors (demo ver. 1.1) - Mac 87 MB
Dec 02, 2018

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