Walkthrough for Sho's route + small update!

Hi guys! Thank you to everyone who's already downloaded the alpha since it came out last week - you're amazing! ❤️Today I'm uploading a tiny update that fixes a few errors, adjusts some graphical stuff, and adds an author's note to the beginning of the game to let people know that only Sho's route is available at this time. (Also I drew this promo art of Sho! Yay!)

A walkthrough to get on Sho's romance route can be found here!

And a walkthrough for Sho's route itself (and its multiple branches and endings!) can be found here! However, please note that this second walkthrough contains spoilers, obviously, so don't click if you want to try it for yourself!

I hope everyone enjoys Sho's story, as I put quite a lot of time and effort into it. Every like, comment, download, rating and share helps me out a lot, and a big thank you to the very special people who donated a few dollars at the download page! I love you! ❤️

News coming this summer on the next route to be added! :3


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Jun 08, 2019
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Jun 08, 2019

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Oh my god. That was so good?

Sho wasn't my initial favorite of the lineup but I love this universe too much to have waited for the other routes. And when the branch off story hit and new layers of his character started forming I wasn't ready to get as absorbed in the plot as I was. Like, wow- I'm hyped for all and every one of them  releasing regardless of who they are. Your writing's ace.

Hunter's officially first place in my heart but I feel like going through the routes will be a constant line of "yep you're the new best now i love you"

OMG........ this is extremely flattering! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Comments like this give me LIFE 😭♥️